24 Jan 2018
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Do you wish you had a second chance before clicking on that malicious email message that disrupted your company?!

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This week’s blog post focuses on the one most important layer of security all companies must address.

Whether you’re a 5 employee office or a 5,000 user enterprise, the weakest link in your computer and network security are your users. You can have the best security measures, firewalls, anti-viruses, polices etc. in place, however, the users are ultimately the weakest link and most vulnerable.

In today’s malicious internet age, the most prominent threats arise from email messages one receives from strangers and better yet unfortunately sometimes from people they actually know. Those email messages are sometimes so well engineered that they intrigue users to click the link inside of those messages. Many of those types of messages are typically from Financial Institutions, Amazon, eBay, UPS, USPS and the like. These messages lead to real looking websites trying to extort your username and password and in many cases some personal information as well. Those email messages can also contain viruses and malware content so that when you click on the link, it will automatically take control of your computer before you ever have the chance to stop it or even know what’s going on!!

In an effort to prevent users from falling into the trap of giving the bad guys your login information “Phishing” or from being held ransom by “Ransomware”, it is very important for users to hover over the link or button before clicking on them, to uncover the real link.
Let’s be real… how many users are actually going to do that?!? What do these IT geeks want from us….

We, IT people know that it can be tricky and tedious for the user to do that.

That is why I wrote up this blog and want to introduce you to this very neat tool developed and released by a company named KnowBe4.

They built this tool named “Second Chance” that installs onto your computer and integrates into your outlook client. This tool displays a popup warning when clicking on a link, so that when you click on a link – good, bad or malicious, it will prompt you with popup displaying the actual link it will be opening and directing you to, so you can confirm that all looks OK and proceed, or click abort to stop that action and stay protected.

To download this tool click here

If you would like to find out more about this product or want help with any other IT related issues, services, and security, feel free to reach out to our team of highly trained and certified technicians that stand by ready to help.

Written by Yiddy Lemmer, CEO of CompuConnect

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