“CompuConnect Has Made Several Improvements That Save Us Money Each Month”

We went from having an in-house technician to working with CompuConnect. One of the big benefits was getting a fresh pair of eyes and an objective third party to audit our setup. CompuConnect has made several improvements that save us money each month, make work easier, and improved our cybersecurity protection. We very much enjoy the fast turnaround times when we submit support requests, projects are executed quickly and lastly, CompuConnect makes it feel simple – no geek speak. And we like their staff- they really try to understand our people and our needs. I feel they really want to do a good job for us!

Elizabeth Rose Elizabeth Rose CFO
New York, NY

“It’s Been A Life Changer Moving From A One-Man-Shop Over To A Team Of Professionals”

I have been working with CompuConnect for about a year now and am extremely satisfied with the excellent service. The staff is professional, friendly, and skilled at what they do. They are always available when I need them, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance needs! It’s been a life changer moving from a one-man-shop over to a Team of professionals that are here to help at my beck and call and NOT have to run after, remind, and constantly stay on top of the tasks until they are completed.

David Teitelbaum CEO
Teitelbaum Insurance
Brooklyn, NY

“CompuConnect Integrates Themselves Into The Team, Rather Than Acting As An Outside Vendor”

The biggest benefit we have by hiring CompuConnect to manage our technology is the high level insight with super fast turnaround! We never worked with an IT vendor before, we had an in-house tech. But I will say that CompuConnect’s response time is faster than a speeding bullet. By hiring CompuConnect, you will get more competent professionals than you likely would in-house, and the response time will stun you. Also, CompuConnect integrates themselves into the team, rather than acting as an outside vendor. We have our account manager join our weekly company wide meeting to discover any IT issues and stay integrated in the company.

Jordan Chanofsky Founder & CEO
Fusion Public Relations
New York City, NY

“CompuConnect Excels At Protecting Our Data And infrastructure”

The biggest benefit I, my firm, and my clients have since switching to CompuConnect, is that our servers, workstations and data is a lot more secure, and that security is priority and not just an afterthought. CompuConnect excels at protecting our data and infrastructure a lot better than any IT vendor we worked with in the past! If you are not sure whether you are ready to use CompuConnect, have them check the current state of your system and data security, you may just be very surprised with the result.

Steven Hirsch Managing Partner
Waldman Hirsch & Co LLP
Jersey City, NJ

“CompuConnect Owns The Requests And Issues We Through Their Way!”

As a partner of a Financial Firm the biggest benefit of partnering with CompuConnect, for myself and my company, is that we have been able to successfully conquer and complete any and every obstacle or opportunity that came up, smoothly and efficiently with CompuConnect on our side. CompuConnect owns the requests and issues we through their way! Once we give a task to CompuConnect, it is taken on as a priority and does not get put to bed, until that task is completed at its maximum potential and capacity; most of the time it exceeds our expectations.

If you are on the fence about switch to CompuConnect I will leave you with this. In today’s day in age, every successful business is operating around some sort of information technology. It does not matter what industry you are in, to continue to do what you do best, you need to be able to sleep at night knowing that your work is getting done the right way and at maximum efficiency, which includes but is not limited to, cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, network security, help desk support, computer training and IT Consulting. Ever since we have joined the CompuConnect family, I have seen firsthand the extreme benefits there are to working with CompuConnect and I am forever grateful to the entire CompuConnect team for everything they do for us each and every day. The best advice I can give you for your business, is to immediately join the CompuConnect family.

Carrera Capital Group Ikey Rudy Partner
Carrera Capital Group
Brooklyn, NY

“You And Your Team Have Been Amazing At Bringing Us Into 2020. Sometimes It Felt As If The Pharmacy Was Behind The Times When We Are Trying To Compete With Large Modern Pharmacies.”

You and your team have been amazing at bringing us into 2020. Sometimes it felt as if the pharmacy was behind the times when we are trying to compete with large modern pharmacies.

CompuConnect has come onboard and performed a full strategic analysis of our workflow to see how we can optimize technology for our needs. They upgraded our entire wiring and computer infrastructure for a fast and reliable user experience, moved the server into a safe location and out of the way, they are extremely neat and organized when setting up equipment and wiring. CompuConnect Future-proofed our system in anticipation of challenges to come i.e. backup battery, computer memory capacity. Other companies only sought to patch problems as they occurred.

CompuConnect negotiated rates with service providers and installed and set up a firewall (no one ever offered this to us before even though we are subject to HIPPA!)

The CompuConnect team provides us with fast and responsive support - even after hours. All devices are set up for seamless remote support and if there is a need for in person support, someone is here within a few hours.

CompuConnect went the extra mile during the COVID shutdown to ensure remote employees were set up to work at full capacity from home.

We now have seamless integration of a network shared between various business units.

The biggest benefit I - as the pharmacy operations manager get by using CompuConnect is, peace of mind knowing everything IT related is taken care of so we can focus on the pharmacy. As a business that depends on the computers to operate, this is crucial.

If you need something to give you the last bit of confidence to make the switch and hop on the CompuConnect train, I leave you with this.

CompuConnect places customer satisfaction first. Each team member took the time to thoroughly communicate with us every step of the way and explain how each improvement would align with our needs and wants. Now we have super-fast computers ​and an industry compliant system. There has not been one challenge that we faced that CompuConnect was not able to rectify. It never feels like they are trying to make you spend more than you need to.

Christina Ramrup Manager of Operations & Logistics
Medcal Pharmacy
Brooklyn, NY

“When Experiencing An Issue And In Need Of Support, We Get Directed To The Proper Person On The Spot”

As the CEO of my accounting firm, the biggest benefit we gain by partnering with CompuConnect is knowing that all my systems, sensitive client data, and computers are properly maintained, streamlined, and constantly monitored for security and best performance. When experiencing an issue and in need of support, we get directed to the proper person on the spot, a ticket is always created for proper tracking and to ensure that the issue gets followed up on and resolved without us having to call multiple times. When you are done working with amateur IT people and want a serious, professional, knowledgeable, experienced, and most of all organized company to work with, give the guys at CompuConnect a call you’ll be thrilled you did!

Shaya Feferkorn, CPA Shaya Feferkorn CEO
Shaya Feferkorn, CPA
Lakewood, NJ

“CompuConnect Removes The Stress And Burden From Our Employees When Thinking About IT”

We at The Marcal Group are a 25-user office environment. The biggest benefit to us since moving our IT services to CompuConnect, is the fact that they remove the stress and burden from our employees when thinking about IT. The structure of our agreement creates a priority on CompuConnect to fix an issue that comes up - not the opposite where the client is chasing his IT professional for time, this gives us the comfort knowing that everything is constantly monitored and updated.

Based on our prior experience of working with other IT Firms, CompuConnect excels at communication, speed of repairs and ticketing each issue for historical reference and tracking. Transitioning from an outdated process of reporting and repairing individual issues up the ranks, now each member of our team can directly access CompuConnect and is encouraged to do so through various communication channels without asking anyone to assist or obtain permission prior. This allows seemingly minor issues to be reported and repaired instead of an individual ignoring it as well as bigger issues to be dealt with immediately.

It all comes down to this, if you are still on the fence whether to hire CompuConnect or not, weigh the cost and benefits that CompuConnect offers against your current IT solution and calculate the time, productivity and ultimately dollars saved by switching. It should be clear at that point.

Seth Caller Acquisitions, Leasing and Sales
The Marcal Group
Brooklyn, NY

“We Are Now Able To Start Focusing Solely On Our Business Needs”

We have not used any other IT company before, but I'm very glad that we started using one, and that it is CompuConnect! For me, as the CFO of Next Millennium Media, the single biggest benefit is that we are now able to start focusing solely on our business needs and stopped being busy researching solutions for technical and IT-related issues. If you are a growth minded company like we are, and deciding if CompuConnect is the right choice for you, I say it is definitely worth to leverage CompuConnect as they always have simple solutions to complex problems and are available to hop onto a call in a swift moment.

Ben Steuer CFO
Next Millennium Media
New York, NY

“We No Longer Worry About Any Computer Issues”

One of the biggest benefits since hiring CompuConnect is that there is always someone to help. When we are flooded with work and our system fails in any way, CompuConnect employees are quick and reliable when their help is needed. We no longer worry about any computer issue since we already know it will be fixed as soon as possible.

What CompuConnect does better than other IT Firms we worked with in the past, is that they make us feel welcome, whether it’s a question or with an issue we are facing. Meaning, the techs explain the situation in a way that is easy to understand and do things eagerly and do not make us feel as if we are a bother.

CompuConnect has been a life changer; you will never need to worry whether or not there is someone who can help you, especially when it’s urgent. Yiddy and his team are always one call or email away if any unexpected issue arises.

Overall, CompuConnect is an amazing asset to our team and we are glad we found someone so reliable.

David Weingarten CEO
Surgical Sock Shop
Brooklyn, NY

“CompuConnect Makes An Effort To Understand Our Needs And Make Their Service Truly Support Our Business, Instead Of The Other Way Around”

Yiddy and the team at CompuConnect provides us with dedicated and diligent service from day one. They make an effort to understand our needs and make their service truly support our business, instead of the other way around. The CompuConnect team is also comfortable working with and helping all of our employees from the shop floor up to the President.

Richard G. Henning Jr Operations Manager
Belmont Metals Inc
Brooklyn, NY

“They are extremely responsive, attentive, and are so friendly.”

Since moving to CompuConnect, whenever we pick up the phone to call for support, they are extremely responsive, attentive, and are so friendly. There is no problem that is too small or to large. CompuConnect is patient with our concerns and have the willingness to solve IT problems with us as a team. Additionally, we feel like we have a much better understanding of what’s happening in our network. We need IT partner like CompuConnect who provide timely responsive support to succeed together!

Nancy Zheng Operations Manager
New Yung Wah Trading LLC
NYC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, China

“Of All The Companies That We Dealt With In The Past, CompuConnect Is The One That Does It The Correct Way Without Cutting Any Corners”

Since moving to CompuConnect we have experienced tremendous peace of mind knowing that all of our 9 locations are being monitored and supported, in most cases before any issues even happen. Additionally, we work with a different POS (point of sale) vendor that mentioned to us that, "Of all the companies that we dealt with your IT Provider is the one that does it the correct way without cutting any corners." CompuConnect set us up with a solid multi-site VPN solution that reliably connects all of our retail locations back to our main network, and allows us to work efficiently and securely.

Yossi Profesorsky COO
Kidichic Inc
Bourgh Park, Flatbush, Lakewood, Monsey, Williamsburg, Cedarhurst, South
Fallsburg, Staten Island

“We Are Able To Consolidate All Of Our IT, Phones And Technology Needs To One Company”

The biggest benefit my company is experiencing working CompuConnect is, that we are able to consolidate all of our IT, Phones and technology needs to one company. As a business owner I feel confident delegating these responsibilities to an expert. CompuConnect delivers prompt service! Always easy to get in touch with especially in today’s digital world, we can reach Yiddy and his team via Phone, WhatsApp, Text and email! If you were on the fence about choosing an IT company to support your business, know that CompuConnect is a company you can rely on!

Yossi Light President
Proactive Medical Products
Mt. Vernon, NY

“CompuConnect Allows Me To Be More Focused On My Business”

Since we started using CompuConnect, they allow me to be more focused on my business. The team at CompuConnect monitors our system around the clock and keep them running smoothly. When we do have an issue or a request, they are extremely quick to respond, always stay on top of open tickets and follow through until resolved. Definitely make the switch!

Sam Gold Office Manager
Cosmopolitan Interiors
New York, NY

“I no longer need to be busy with anything related to my computers”

As a business owner, the biggest benefit CompuConnect provides to me, is that I no longer need to be busy with anything related to my computers, network and security. We have never worked with a Managed Service Provide before, but I will say this, you guys are lightning quick with resolving issues that we have, big or seemingly small! if you are on the fence about choosing CompuConnect, I tell you, you won’t find a better firm.

Barry Rosinger CEO & Partner
RFK Financial
Brooklyn, NY

“CompuConnect Is Reliable And Cares About My Business!”

The biggest benefit to me and my company is knowing, that when we need help It is just one phone call away. I have peace of mind knowing that when we call, we have a tech standing by ready to assist us on the spot! When we open a ticket or reach out for support, we know the issues is being taken care of and we don’t have to follow up and remind them, CompuConnect is on top of  each request until it is complete. At CompuConnect we are not just another customer, CompuConnect is reliable and cares about my business!

Mordechai Weingarten Location Manger
The Compression Store
New York, NY

“CompuConnect Provides Exceptional Customer Service!” 

The single biggest benefit to our company, is the exceptional Customer Service CompuConnect provides to us. Everything gets done by CompuConnect better than any other IT firms we have worked with in the past. To sum it all up, if you we’re on the fence about picking your IT firm, I will say, CompuConnect is #1 😊.

Judy Posner Office Manager
Freeway Carriers Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

“We never have to think twice about picking up the phone to reach out for help.”

It’s been a pleasure working with the CompuConnect team ever since we brought them on. What we’ve been most happy about is the excellent Customer Service CompuConnect provides to us. Your team is always ready, willing and able to assist us with any issues that arouses. Should it be something minute or something a lot more complex, your techs are here to resolve it, or offer to have someone dispatched to give us that extra comfort and hand-held experience. We never have to think twice about picking up the phone to reach out for help, the techs have an in-depth knowledge of our multi-site network infrastructure, and are able to assist us quickly and accurately and relieve any stress or worries. They are never more than a phone call away!

If you are a business owner, that is looking to fully delegate the pressure and responsibility of IT, I highly recommend CompuConnect! Just go for it!

Aron Langsam Director
Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas Belz
Brooklyn, NY

“Use them and you will not be sorry!”

Since moving to CompuConnect we love the quick response time! more so, the issues are always fixed correctly and most of the time on the first call! Another big difference we’ve experienced working with the CompuConnect team vs our old provider is, that we know the people we are working with, and they know our systems better than any of the previous providers did. Use them and you will not be sorry! They have the knowledge, expertise and willingness to work with you to solve any issue.

Doug Wolf Senior Sales Engineer
Belmont Metals Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

“Working with CompuConnect has been a breath of fresh air”

Working with Yiddy at CompuConnect has been a breath of fresh air.

Recently during a routine employee desk move, one of our main network switches lost power and the entire company (30 users) went down. Thinking that it was our internet service provider that was down, before I had a chance to check why the failover didn't kick in, Yiddy was already calling me to see if all was ok and see why the systems are offline! In less than 5 minutes he pointed me in the right direction and we were back up and running. In the end we figured out that it was a loose power cable. I highly recommend CompuConnect for all your IT needs, they are on top of their stuff!

Leiby Beilus Director of Call Center
Ptex Group
Brooklyn, NY

“They make us feel like we’re their only customer, their team is available 24/7”

The biggest benefit we have since partnering with CompuConnect is that we know, should we have an IT or any other technical problem Yiddy is always available to assist. CompuConnect became a part of the RFK Financial family. They make us feel like we’re their only customer, their team is available 24/7. If you are still thinking about joining the group of thrilled clients, I say to you, no need to look elsewhere! I highly recommend CompuConnect.

Sarah Farkas Office Manager
RFK Financial
Brooklyn, NY

“We are completely worry free and receive help around the clock”

The biggest benefit for my business is that we are completely worry free and receive help around the clock whenever we ask. CompuConnect handles EVERYTHING better than other IT firms I have worked with in the past. Quick response, issues get resolved, they have my best interest in mind and most importantly TRUST. I trust CompuConnect with my sensitive company data and systems. If you want an incredible IT experience and are still not sure about your choice, I would say there is no other choice BUT CompuConnect.

Michael Friedman CEO
Sterling Time LLC
Brooklyn, NY

“CompuConnect Excels In Providing Excellent Communication And Turnaround Time”

Since moving to CompuConnect, our company has experienced unparalleled ease of every experience whenever we needed something taken care of. This has been the single biggest benefit that we have gained. Unlike other IT firms we have worked with in the past, CompuConnect excels in providing excellent communication and turnaround time. They are always available to answer our questions and provide us with the necessary support. If someone was on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm, we would say to them, "Don't hesitate! Choose CompuConnect!" They are reliable, efficient, and have become an invaluable partner in helping us grow and succeed.

Jillian Goldfeder Manager
Foremost Independent Medical Exams
Brooklyn, NY

“CompuConnect is the Best IT Firm - We Can't Imagine Anyone Better”

When asked about the biggest benefit since moving to CompuConnect, my response was clear: Great service and never having computer issues any longer! Before switching to CompuConnect we had lots of email and outlook issues that prevented us from performing basic business tasks. Now things are working great, reliably, and most of all securely! We have not personally used another IT firm before CompuConnect, but I can’t imagine anyone is better – they provide the highest level of customer service. And for those still on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm - Get off the fence! CC is the best. Don't let technology issues hold your business back.

Michael Kohen CEO
Brooklyn Brokerage
Brooklyn, NY

"CompuConnect Provides Peace Of Mind With Cybersecurity And Great Service"

After moving to CompuConnect, the single biggest benefit to both me and my company has been the peace of mind we have gained, knowing that our IT infrastructure is secure. Compared to other IT firms I may have worked with in the past, CompuConnect's response time and level of knowledge of their techs is truly impressive. For those on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm, I would say choose them because they will truly take care of you.

David Korn David Korn CEO
Clover Consulting
Spring Valley, NY

"CompuConnect: A Premium IT Experience Worth Every Penny!"

Since moving to CompuConnect, the single biggest benefit to both me and my company has been the peace of mind that comes with not having to constantly think about IT. As the CEO, Yiddy Lemmer wisely puts it, "If our client needs to think about IT, we are not doing our job properly." Thanks to CompuConnect, I rarely have to dwell on IT matters in my day-to-day operations.

CompuConnect truly excels in several areas compared to other IT firms we've worked with in the past. Firstly, their responsiveness and efficiency are unparalleled. A simple email or phone call is all it takes to get a quick resolution to any IT issue. In contrast, our previous IT vendor often left us waiting for days with multiple follow-ups required for basic problems. Secondly, CompuConnect takes cybersecurity seriously. Unlike our previous vendor, who dismissed the importance of password security and multi-factor authentication, CompuConnect is proactive in safeguarding our digital assets.

For those on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm, I would say this: CompuConnect is a premium IT service provider, and quality comes at a price. Comparing it to choosing a car, you can opt for a cheap, unreliable used car or invest in a luxury vehicle that ensures a smooth and trouble-free ride. Both options get you from A to B, but the similarity ends there. Consider whether you want subpar IT services at a lower cost or the best IT service, even if it comes at a higher price. As CompuConnect CEO Yiddy Lemmer aptly puts it, "Hourly IT services profit from your issues, while CompuConnect loses money when there are issues." They go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on growing your business, making it a premium IT experience worth every penny!

Shalom Schwartz CEO
Gold Range
Spring Valley, NY

"CompuConnect’s Exceptional It Services Make It A Worthwhile Investment"

Choosing CompuConnect as our IT firm has brought us peace of mind and timely responses. Their quick turnaround time ensures our operations run smoothly, and their dedication to meeting our needs has exceeded expectations. CompuConnect's exceptional IT services make it a worthwhile investment, and we highly recommend them to anyone on the fence about selecting an IT firm.

Leah Lebowitz CEO
The Caring Connections
Airmont, NY

"CompuConnect Transformed Our Productivity and Customer Experience"

Since moving to CompuConnect, the single biggest benefit to my company has been a remarkable boost in productivity. Our computers and software now run seamlessly, allowing me to concentrate on driving my company's growth rather than getting bogged down by technical issues like malfunctioning printers or locked email accounts. In comparison to other IT firms we've worked with in the past, CompuConnect truly excels in several ways. First, their responsiveness is unmatched. They address and resolve issues promptly, never leaving anything on the back burner or waiting for after-hours support. Second, their unwavering commitment to follow through on complex projects involving multiple vendors has been a game-changer for us. Finally, what sets CompuConnect apart is the personal touch-they make us feel like their top priority, with techs who know our employees by name and consistently follow up on every aspect of our IT needs. If you're on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as your IT firm, my advice is simple: don't hesitate, just do it!

Ethan Moskowitz Assistant Administrator
Regency Health Care
Brooklyn, NY

“Reliable It Solutions With Instant Support”

Since moving to CompuConnect, the single biggest benefit to our company has been the instant availability of support whenever we have an IT issue. From networking to security, hardware, and even custom software issues, CompuConnect never lets us down. Their ability to solve problems efficiently sets them apart from other IT firms we have worked with in the past. If someone were on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm, I would say: you cannot go wrong with choosing CompuConnect. They are always there for you, and in all our years of using them, we have never heard the words "we cannot help you."

Statewide Carriers Abe Tropp Statewide Carriers
Newark, NJ

“Dedicated Support And Unmatched Customer Service”

Since moving to CompuConnect, the single biggest benefit to us has been knowing that we have someone dedicated to resolving any of our technical issues that arise. This level of commitment has provided peace of mind for our company. Although CompuConnect is our first IT company, their customer service is always responsive and eager to please, setting a high standard right from the start. If someone were on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm, I would tell them: you will not be disappointed with the service. Yiddy and the whole team are hell-bent on making you happy. Just be prepared to give them a well-deserved testimonial!

Overbrook Asset Management Raphael Kaplan Partner
Overbrook Asset Management
Manchester, NJ

"Exceptional Communication and Unparalleled Security"

The biggest benefit to our company since moving to CompuConnect has been the great communication and peace of mind, knowing that someone is always on top of our security and ensuring it meets the highest standards. Compared to other IT firms we've worked with in the past, CompuConnect excels in quick response times and personal level communication. If someone were on the fence about choosing CompuConnect as their IT firm, I would tell them that signing up with CompuConnect will give you the best value, security, and peace of mind for your money.

Jay Fried COO
Cobalt Funding
New York, NY